Welcome! (update)

This is the blog of the 2013 Brain Development and Learning Conference in Vancouver, BC, from July 24-28.  To find out more information and register, click on the CONFERENCE Tab at the top of this page and select the appropriate link.

In the weeks that come, we’ll introduce you to some of the speakers who you’ll hear at the conference and to other researchers at the cutting edge of neuroscience and its applications. We’ll also share information about community groups working on mental health issues, educational innovations using new findings to improve learning, and other cross-discipinary applications of neuroscience research.

Two new blog features this year are:

  • the Interactive Library of curated resources accessed from the 2nd tab from the right — up top. If you have suggestions, please post a reply and share the link or make a comment directly on the Scoop.it collection.
  • the RSS feeds from 1 or 2 top blogs that you’ll find when you click the BDL Blog tab up top. If you have a great blog to share, please let us know.

The new blog writer this year is Sue Hellman — an educator interested in the applications of neuroscience to teaching and learning. She apologizes in advance for any errors in her summarizing of the science, and asks that you send feedback to reassure her when she’s on the right track or correct misapprehensions so she can get things right.

We look forward to seeing you at the conference!

University of British Columbia Celebrate Research Week

At the University of British Columbia, Celebrate Research Week is the time of year when the university recognizes different faculties, departments and schools for their cutting-edge research through a series of discussion forums, lectures, seminars, and open houses.

This year, our lab, the Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Lab was chosen as one of several labs to be filmed for Celebrate Research Week. This film offers insight into what Dr. Adele Diamond’s research is trying to accomplish and the important message she is trying to get across to parents, educators, psychologists and researchers. The mission of the BDL Conference is to bring together these different groups of people to brainstorm ways to make the lives of children better.

To view the film, click here.