Neuroscience Bootcamp

Imagine walking out of BDL2013 and flying to Pennsylvania for Neuroscience Bootcamp where:

“Through a combination of lectures, break-out groups, panel discussions and laboratory visits, participants will gain an understanding of the methods of neuroscience and key findings on the cognitive and social-emotional functions of the brain, lifespan development and disorders of brain function. Each lecture will be followed by extensive Q&A. Break-out groups will allow participants to delve more deeply into topics of relevance to their fields. Laboratory visits will include trips to an MRI scanner, an EEG/ERP lab, and a transcranial magnetic stimulation lab. Participants will also have access to an extensive online library of copyrighted materials, including classic and review articles and textbook chapters in cognitive and affective neuroscience.”

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I’ve always wanted to go If anyone has a spare $10,000 or so and would like to sponsor me, my passport is up to date!!