There’ve been some changes made ….

Hi everyone,

BDL2013 is only 8 months away!!! If you haven’t visited the Conference website recently, you’ll see that a lot of new speakers have joined the lineup. There’s also more information on the Learning Objectives of their talks to help you make the tough choice of who to see when there’s more than one presentation at the same time.

Sue Hellman has offered to take over this blog, and she’s given it quite a makeover. It’s now in a mobile-friendly format which rescales automatically so it displays well on screens of all sizes. The Conference links have been moved up top to a drop down menu for more convenient access. In the sidebar of the Welcome page there are buttons for following us by email or RSS feed. Sue’s added a feed from the award-winning blog by Pr. Billy O’Connor — Inside the Brain: What neuroscience teaches us — to the sidebar of the BLD blog page as well as an interview with Adele Diamond (the moving force behind the Brain Development and Learning Conference) on the About Us page.

Those of you who were familiar with the old format may also notice that the blogroll is gone.

Image of bread knife stuck in a stale roll

Image source: martin_thomas/3292783750 (2009) in Flickr CC BY 2.0. — hot dog roll under attack.

Those links have been incorporated into a wonderful new Interactive Library of resources with its own tab in the top menu bar and tagged Top picks — Adele to make them easy to find.  Sue will continue to add resources to this collection over the next few months, so check back regularly for updates, or join and follow this topic. If you have links to contribute, please reply below or make a comment or suggestion directly on the

We appreciate all feedback. Enjoy!!!


  • Early registration closes on Feb. 15, 2013. You may register online at or use the pdf form at (If, like me, you long for a way to fill in pdf’s on your computer, try PDF Escape. It’s a free service for uploading and filling in these kinds of forms. When you’re done download, save, and  email the completed form as an attachment — no printer or scanner needed.)
  • If (a) your family income is  below $50,000 or between $50 000 & $90 000, (b) you’re of aboriginal descent, or (c) you’re coming from the Far North, you qualify for a reduction in your registration fee. Take a look at the Scholarships page for details.