Twitter hashtags to watch

Twitter is a great source of information and we hope you’ll add@bdl2013 to the list of ‘people’ you follow.

Twitter for BDL 2013

Image linked to Twitter

There are also great hastags you can search. These are used to create conversations among larger groups on special topics. If you type a hashtag into the search bar, it will return all the tweets with that tag.

(Hastags are explained at 2:45)

Some great tags to search if you’re looking for interesting conversations, resources, research and more are:

  • #neuroscience
  • #brain
  • #psychology
  • #cognition

#bdl2013 will be our conference hashtag, so if you’re posting a message in Twitter that will interest other folks who’ll be at the conference, use it in your tweet.

To help us build a list of great hastags or to suggest people we should be following, please leave a reply. You must include your own Twitter id so that we can verify you’re a real person & not a spammer. Thanks.

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