SENSE Theatre: Helping Children with Autism through Theater

SENSE Theatre is an intervention program for children with autism. It is a bridge between art and science, utilizing well-established behavioral intervention, peer and video modeling, and theatrical techniques. It has met with remarkable success with children in northern California. We would like to see if it might be helpful to children here, in Vancouver.

A week before our conference, the Developer and Executive Director of SENSE Theatre (Blythe Corbett, a clinician and neuroscientist at the MIND Institute of the University of California – Davis, who before becoming an academic was a professional actor), along with the Stage Director and Musical Director, will come up to Vancouver to work with local children with autism and local child actors for a solid week. The children will then put on the performance they have been rehearsing for us at the Gala Dinner for the conference, Sunday evening, July 18, at 7:00 pm.

Here is a video that explains a little bit more about the great work that SENSE Theatre is doing: