Nuturting QuoteThe importance of strong attachment relationships in the formative years can hardly be understated. Children learn about themselves and the world around them from the relationships that they build with their caregivers. These relationships later extend to their siblings, friends, and teachers. And what’s more, positive and strong ties in our childhood have been found to shape brain growth and help us nurture our ability to grow and adapt to change in our adult years.

We are very lucky because we have three speakers who are experts on the importance of nurturing parent-child relationships and HOW we can form those relationships in our day-to-day lives.

Gordon Neufeld

Gordon Neufeld

Gordon Neufeld, PhD, is an expert on the wisdom and science behind successful parenting. His work on a coherent model of attachment has been accessible, understandable, and applicable to people from all walks of life. And he will share more insights with us on July 24th.

Mary Gordon

Mary Gordon

We also have Mary Gordon, founder of Roots of Empathy and an Ashokan Fellow, who will be joining us on July 26th to talk about the intellectual and emotional benefits of nurturing parent-infant relationships.

Dan Siegel

Dan Siegel

UCLA Clinical Professor, Dan Siegel, the author of The Mindful Brain, Parenting from the Inside Out, Mindsight, The Developing Mind, The Whole-Brain Child, and more, will deliver the closing keynote on July 28th. He will explore fundamental ideas about what the mind is and how it is shaped by both the connections we have with other people across the lifespan and by the connections we have within the synaptic structure of our embodied nervous system.

We hope that the work of these people will resonate with those who have young children of their own, those who work on the ground with young people every day, and the powers-that-be who shape how children in the system and in our society are cared for and nurtured.

After all, what can be more important than knowing that we are capable of loving and being loved, or than having the security of knowing that there will always be someone there for you? DL

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