We are Fundamentally Social – Kiley Hamlin (July 24th, 2013)

Did you know babies can tell the difference between right or wrong? Even though they might not be able to talk yet, Kiley Hamlin has shown that they can.

Kiley Hamlin

Kiley Hamlin

Prof. Hamlin, PhD, and Canada Research Chair at UBC, studies moral reasoning and how infants and toddlers develop empathy. She will be speaking on July 24th.

 Come join us as we discover how smart babies are, and how they learn to think about right and wrong, good intentions, helpfulness and punishment! DL

CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDITS in over 20 professional fields

31.5 hours, Category 1 CME credits available for both the US & Canada
CONFERENCE WEBSITE: www.braindevelopmentandlearning.com
Conference brochure: http://braindevelopmentandlearning.com/Brochure2013all.pdf
To Register: http://braindevelopmentandlearning.com/BDL2013/register_2013.html
SAVE MONEY: Scholarships are available.


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