Karen Pape

Karen Pape

Babies with cerebral palsy or spinal cord and brachial plexus injury were long thought to be incapable of significant improvement in movement patterns.  Dr. Karen Pape has learned that what has been mistaken for unchangeable damage is often the result of motor habits developed with a young, injured brain.  She believes that many parents worried about their children ever walking should instead be concerned with how WELL they will walk – not whether they will walk.

Dr. Pape believes her 40-year medical career has led to this point – a time of sharing what she has learned about neuroplasticity and infant brains.  She has always been the kind of pediatrician that gives hope to parents of newborns with serious conditions.  As one mother pointed out, while the other doctors were focused on her newborn’s disability, “Dr. Pape was one of the only people on that team who encouraged us and she told me that my baby would probably be able to do a lot of things and be like other children. She was right.”

We are so excited to hear Dr. Pape discuss overcoming habits learned with young, injured brains and how to retrain the brain by going against the grain!  She will speak on Friday morning, July 26th. MK

CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDITS in over 20 professional fields
31.5 hours, Category 1 CME credits available for both the US & Canada
CONFERENCE WEBSITE: www.braindevelopmentandlearning.com
Conference brochure: http://braindevelopmentandlearning.com/Brochure2013all.pdf
To Register: http://braindevelopmentandlearning.com/BDL2013/register_2013.html
SAVE MONEY: Scholarships are available.


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