Dr. William Beardslee – Protecting the Children and Strengthening the Family When a Parent Is Depressed – (Saturday, July 27th)

One characteristic of this conference is how well it blends research and practice.  This year we are particularly proud to have so many speakers addressing issues and presenting research relevant to the medical field. There will be chances to hear about ground-breaking, mind-changing discoveries in neuroscience, mental health, & child development.

We have many speakers addressing topics like:

  • Trauma, Stress & Healing
  • Integrating Mind, Body, & Spirit
  • Treating Indigenous Peoples and Learning from their Healing Practices
  • Flourishing despite Developmental Disorders, Motor Challenges, or Blindness
  • Neuroplasticity

Physicians who treat adults or families can also expect to learn about:

  • Important cutting-edge research in neuroscience and related fields, and
  • Promising new evidence-based approaches that can improve patient care.

 Past attendees have had this to say about the conference:

“One of the best conferences I have ever attended — it was inspiring. I came away with new ideas to work on and things to put directly into my pediatric practice.”
Barbara Fitzgerald, MD, Developmental Pediatrician, UBC

“Finally a conference that successfully bridges the gap between Research & Practice.”
Robert Knight, MD, Neurologist & Director, Neuroscience Institute, UC-Berkeley

This year promises to be just as engaging and applicable with speakers including Dr. Dan Siegel, Dr. Karen Pape, Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, Dr. Bruce Perry, Dr. Gabor Maté, and Dr. Evan Adams.

William Beardslee

William Beardslee

We are especially excited to have Dr. William Beardslee speak. He is author of “Out of the Darkened Room: Protecting the Children and Strengthening the Family When a Parent Is Depressed” a book about how parents and caregivers can help families overcome depression.

Dr. Beardslee will discuss the importance of protecting children from parental depression and explain a variety of promising prevention approaches for depression in families.  He will help us to think broadly and boldly about ways to substantially increase efforts in the promotion of resilience and the prevention of depression. This is CME at its best. MK

CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDITS in over 20 professional fields
31.5 hours, Category 1 CME credits available for both the US & Canada
CONFERENCE WEBSITE: www.braindevelopmentandlearning.com
Conference brochure: http://braindevelopmentandlearning.com/Brochure2013all.pdf
To Register: http://braindevelopmentandlearning.com/BDL2013/register_2013.html
SAVE MONEY: Scholarships are available.


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