Kevin Miller (Wednesday, July 24)

Kevin Miller

Kevin Miller

Kevin F. Miller has always done interesting work that examines how children think and takes into consideration how that might affect learning.  He has not been content with advancing theory but has also examined the ways in which theories of cognitive development could and should inform the practice of teaching.  Most of his research involves cross-cultural comparisons between children growing up in China and the United States and has looked at questions that vary from the particular like “how do language differences in number names affect the ability to count from 10-20?” to the more multi-layered like “how to do teachers develop and improve their ability to monitor the complex, chaotic environment of a classroom?”

As an adult Kevin has become a fluent speaker of Chinese (fluent enough to bargain in the marketplaces of China!) His experiences as a learner of Chinese and as a visitor to Chinese classrooms have given him unique insights into the challenges and advantages of learning in the classrooms of China and the United States.  His projects have increased our understanding of early mathematical and literacy development by examining basic cognitive development, teacher feedback, language, instructional practice and symbol structure (among other factors.)

We are excited to hear him share his insights into how best to integrate basic cognitive development research findings into classroom practice. MK

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