EDUCATION THAT WORKS Measurable Results & Research-Based Interventions

Another focus of our conference will be Education That Works. We will have educators and innovators speak about programs that have had tremendous impact and have approached education improvement on a variety of fronts. All of them have focused on more than just the classroom and more than just the child’s intellectual gifts or challenges.

Terry Ford (speaking Friday, July 26th) has used the Montessori curriculum and supported parents in becoming partners in the education process which has led to phenomenal success in the East Dallas Community Schools. In “From Hope to Empowerment: Montessori as a Tool to Create Educational Environments in Underserved Communities” Terry will discuss lessons learned over 35 years of leading an organization that successfully educates children of diverse backgrounds from primarily low-income families. Her program, where parent intervention and education begins during pregnancy, has moved from private-funding to public sector and has identified guiding principles for creating educational environments for children and parents where the human spirit blossoms.

Linda Lantieri (speaking Sunday, July 28) has worked to cultivate the inner lives of children as a way to strengthen their social and emotional capacities and she has developed ways to make this an integral part of regular school experience.  Her research-based Resolving Conflict Creatively Program has been implemented in over 400 schools. Linda will draw on her 40 years of experience as an educator, and on principles derived from modern brain research, to explore how to strengthen the habits of mind, body, and heart it takes to relieve the pressure that modern children face in “Cultivating the Inner Lives of Students and Teachers.”  She will focus on cultivating the inner lives of young people and adults by equipping them with some form of regular contemplative practice that can help them manage emotions, increase compassion, and instill stillness.

Brian Warren (speaking Wednesday, July 24) founded Start2Finish in 2000 as a way to break the cycle of child poverty by nurturing mind, body and social health; his non-profit uses fitness training, literacy training, and mentorship to great effect.  After a successful professional sports career, Brian founded Start2Finish a program that pairs exercise with literacy to prime the brain for learning. His talk “Fostering Social Change through the Nurture and Support of Young People” will demonstrate that when literacy, physical activity, inclusion, mentorship and community involvement are mobilized together it creates a powerful tool in the fight against child poverty.

All of these speakers will focus on the practical benefits of education interventions that go well beyond the classroom.

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