Searching for interesting resources …

I want to add new resources which will be of interest to people coming to BDL 2013 to the interactive library , so today I started searching Twitter hashtags. This took me to an interesting mind map created with a new online tool  called BlogSummarizer that turns search results into a visual mind map.

Googling a term like ‘cognition’ gives back an unmanageably long list of items with no apparent organizing principles.

millions of hits

Using BlogSummarizer yields a visual mind map that shows concepts and connections.

blogsummarizer cognition

Clicking on ‘Brain’ in the graphic returned 5 sources …

expansion of 'brain' in the original mind map and from there I chose: “Snakes in a brain scanner!” which in turn took me to …

link to online journal

(image linked to blog)

and an article about  brain scans of people trying to overcome their fear of snakes. One conclusion in the article is it’s easy to mistake physiological signs of courage — i.e. momentary fear suppression — for successful fear eradication. This research may also lead to a way to control fear and phobias with meditation or “transcranial magnetic stimulation” that dampens the activity in the region associated with high fear and courageous response.

One of the themes at BDL2013 will be: Trauma, Stress & Healing; Integrating Mind, Body, & Spirit. Take a look at the brochure for presentations you can attend to find out  how traumatic experiences are encoded in neural architecture and techniques you that are being shown effective in promoting healing and the raising of resilient children.

As for those Twitter hashtags I mentioned at the outset? You’ll find a new page under the Interactive Library tab above called “Searching Twitter“. If you want to suggest a hashtag to watch or Twitterer to follow, please reply with a comment. We’ll tweet out your recommendations using the hashtag #BDL_2013. Thanks.


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