Blogs for Your Brain

If you like our blog here are some other blogs you might enjoy:

Adult ADD Strengths:

Pete Quily, an adult ADHD coach in Vancouver, British Columbia, provides current information and advice for adults living with ADHD/ADD.

Assistance for Body, Mind, and Soul:

A blog for people that use assistance/service dogs. The blog’s primary aim is to help people relate their experience and provide information to others that utilize service dogs in their daily lives. Affiliated with West Coast Assistance Teams Society, which provides BC-certified assistance dogs for people with physical and psychiatric disabilities.

CHADD Leadership Blog:

Written by CHADD (Children and Adults with ADHD) CEO, E. Clarke Ross, the CHADD Leadership Blog provides a regular commentary on topics pertaining to ADHD.

Curious Dad:

A former staff writer for the Vancouver Sun discusses issues related to parenting and being a dad in Vancouver.

Teen Mental Health Blog:

Dr. Stan Kutcher (renowned teen mental health expert), and David Venn share scientifically-validated information about adolescent mental health. Affiliated with

You and Me…and Adult AD/HD:

Gina Pera, author of Is it You, Me, or Adult ADD, explores adult ADD and its impact on family and relationships.


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