Past Conference Presenters: Dr. Sonia Lupien

The 2008 BDL Conference focused on stress and the prefrontal cortex. Dr. Sonia Lupien is at the forefront of research regarding stress.

Dr. Lupien is the Founder and Director of the Centre for Studies on Human Stress at Douglas Hospital in Montreal, Canada. She leads the Laboratory of Human Stress Research that specializes in measuring the acute and chronic impact of stress hormones on learning and memory.

She led talk entitled “Shaping Who We Are: Effects of Stress on Cognitive Development” The presentation focused on summarizing the state of knowledge in the field of stress and its impact on brain development, the scientific definition of stress and the positive and negative effects of stress hormones on the human brain.

Results from studies performed in children and assessing stress hormones were also described as well as the model of allostatic load and how it can impact on child development. In the conclusion of the talk, Dr. Lupien explained the ‘DeStress for Success’ program that the Centre for Studies on Human Stress developed and which aims at educating children and teenagers about stress and its impact on learning and memory in order to give them the tools they need to grow up while managing the stress of their lives.

Below are two excerpts from her talk:

Here is a link to an article related to the talk.


2 thoughts on “Past Conference Presenters: Dr. Sonia Lupien

  1. This is a great talk. The presenter makes a very complicated topic simple and clear to understand- and she has a great sense of humor doing it. This information really sticks with me as a result of the way it was presented.

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