Past Conference Presenters: Dr. Margaret Weiss

The BDL conference is characterized by high quality speaker presentations that are both informative and inspiring.  This blog will highlight some past talks and let you know what to expect from the speakers in 2010.

Dr. Margaret Weiss is a Clinical Full Professor at the University of British Columbia, the Director of Research for the Division of Child Psychiatry and the Director of the Provincial ADHD Program.

At the 2008 BDL Conference she led a talk entitled “Optimizing and Individualizing Treatment for ADHD”.  The presentation focused on defining the methodology of efficacy vs. effectiveness outcomes for ADHD, reviewing the literature on what we know about optimizing outcomes from an effectiveness point of view and identifying key areas in which the individualization of treatment is essential to optimizing outcome.

Below is a ten minute excerpt from her talk:

Here is a link to an article related to the talk.


2 thoughts on “Past Conference Presenters: Dr. Margaret Weiss

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